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You have always wanted to write a book.  You know you have one in there.  You just don't know where to start.                      Lauretta can help you do that. Experienced author of many published short fiction stories and two non fiction books, Lauretta will tackle the problems of getting your book from thought to page and from page to published.

Attend a weekend retreat or contact her for one to one training sessions.


A weekend retreat that will help walk you through the steps to get from page to book and answer your questions like what is the best way to self publish,  What publisher do I go with? How to get an agent and why would I?

Also can be done in one to one training sessions.


The ancient art of storytelling and telling Bible stories will be the focus of this course. This course is for anyone who wishes to learn the ancient art of storytelling and use it in their various ministries.

 In this course we will learn to cherish the awesomeness of God as He reveals Himself in His own tales.   We will define Bible Telling and discuss how to be successful at it. We will guide participants through various methods for learning a Bible story

This training will equip you to tell Bible stories for Sunday School and Church as well as learning to tell sacred stories to audiences of all ages in different venues. You will also learn what makes a good story, discover your own style as a storyteller and study the techniques of effective storytelling.

By the end of the course you will be able to share at least one Biblical story by heart. You will have shared at least one story in small group sessions and to the whole group. You will learn to find stories in scripture that fits the need of the message you wish to convey and you will be learn to tell these stories without memorization and still hold true to the text.


This workshop is designed with the aspiring author in mind.  If you wish you could write.  If you have a book that just needs to be written down.  If you just want to figure out what all those characters are really saying.  If you have already begun your book but want some feedback.  Come and join us. 

Participants will have the opportunity to work on their story.  They will learn the specifics that most publishers want in a book no matter whether fiction or nonfiction. They will get feedback and will have time to share our work with others in a safe non critical environment.




Everyone has a story and every family has a story. When your story does not get told future generations lose their connections with family wisdom and knowledge. They have to reinvent their historical memory and the wisdom that is passed down from one generation to another. You have many stories to tell and much wisdom and knowledge to pass on to family, friends or future generations.

The Story Catcher program offers you the opportunity to tell your own story and have it recorded. It helps you to preserve your stories for historical purposes and for future generations. Lauretta will come to your location and record your stories. She will edit the recording and you will receive a CD or DVD of your recording. Additional copies of the recording can be made available.

For Rates and availability contact me at

Touch the Tickle: Storytelling on the Light Side

Ever wonder what makes your audience laugh at things you never intended to be funny? Or What you can do to touch the tickle side of their imagination? Sometimes things take on a life of their own and this workshop will help you recognize the humor in stories and in situations.

You will learn what to do when you think its funny and no one else does. We will discuss how to access the audience and find a way to flow with it so you can bring smiles to their faces. We will learn to recognize the funny in a world where much of life just isn't that funny. Laughter is really the best medicine and we can prove it.

Come share your story and your laughter. You will have time to work on your funniest story or one you just want to make funny.

This workshop can be a 2-hour workshop or a 6-week class. It can be designed for the group attending.

Storytelling Opens the Door to Literacy.

Without oralcy there is no literacy.

This program is designed to help teachers and students prepare for the literacy tests by helping the students learn to write and tell their own stories. We will be using various tools provided in the Six Traits of Writing program and in Story Boarding, the techniques are consistent with students abilities in each grade level. Originally designed for grades K-5, this program can be adapted to students abilities in each grade level, K-12.

To schedule a program for your school or class or to learn more about this program contact me at

"Lauretta kept 50 4th & 5th graders enchanted for over an hour. When she was finished they still wanted more." ~ Mrs. Jessop, Hill Street School

"Picture this - A group of kids sitting around on bales of hay under the storytelling tent, At the same time a target shoot was going on a little bit away and a petting zoo was right across from from the tent. Still the kids remained sitting on the bales of hay listening to the storyteller. Lauretta was that teller."
~ Sheila - Franklin, NH

Writing and Telling Your Own Story - 6 weeks

You don't need to be a storyteller to tell your story, all you need is a willingness to share a bit of yourself and your knowledge.

When I was young I often begged my grandmother and grandfather to tell me the stories of how they lived and what they did. I wanted to know all about them and where they had been. I wanted to know about a time when things were easier or different. Now that I am a grandmother, I remember how important it is to pass on the stories. This class will help you write and tell your own story.

In this workshop we will explore the hows and whys of writing and telling your own story. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and share your knowledge. You will have the opportunity to tell your story with the written or spoken word.

How To Tell A Darn Good Story Level I - 6 weeks

Storytelling had its beginnings way back into that space between darkness and light. Between sound and silence. It is the first traditional Art form. The first oral way of communication. In the beginning was the word. Words have power and the spoken word has a power that is unimaginable.

Traditional oral storytelling has its beginnings as far back in time as spoken language. People came together to tell the tales of their days and of their ancestors. People used story to pass on the traditions and the knowledge they carried. People still do.

Storytelling is a powerful tool in business. Storytelling is a powerful tool in the healing arts. Storytelling is a powerful tool in learning. Storytelling is a powerful art form. Storytelling is many things and is used in many ways.

In this beginning workshop, we will learn the basics of the oral tradition of storytelling. We will learn to find and chose a story for our own. We will learn the many ways to learn the story and practice it for telling. By the end of the 6 weeks we will be sharing stories and hopefully excited about learning and sharing more.

How To Tell A Darn Good Story Level II - 6 weeks

Must have some previous experience or have taken Level I

In this intermediate level workshop we will work on honing our storytelling skills. We will spend time researching stories and learning how to tell which stories want to be told once and which ones will become our signature tales.

Whether we tell our own stories or folk tales and legends, it will be our goal to develop and deliver our stories so our audience willingly accepts the gift of story that we offer them. When possible we will take a field trip to see other storytellers perform. We will finish this 6 week class with a public performance.

Learning To Listen So Others Can Hear You

  • Have you ever just zoned out when someone was talking and then had to respond to one of their questions?
  • Have you ever tried hard to say what you wanted to say but felt like you never got a word in edgewise?
  • Do you catch yourself interrupting all the time just so you can say what you think is important?
  • Would you like to be the kind of person others want to listen to?

Effective Listening takes skill and practice. When you become an effective listener your voice becomes more easily heard.

This workshop will teach you effective listening and soon you will find your words carry more meaning to the ones you listen to.

This workshop can be done in a number of different time formats and is designed to fit your specific needs:

  • 3 hours - shortened overview
  •  6 hours - overview with practical guide lines
  •  1 week - 6-7 hour days -5 day intensive includes practical guide lines, small group work sessions, intensive interaction and feedback
  • 6 weeks - one day a week - 6-7 hours per day - 6 day intensive -  includes practical guide lines, small group work sessions, intensive interaction and feedback

It is my goal for participants to come away from this workshop with the knowledge it takes to be a good listener and better communication skills. This workshop will convey the importance of active listening and enlightened communication.

Time - The Asset You Can't Keep

There are 60 minutes in an hour, 1440 minutes in a day and 10,080 minutes in a week. Everyone has the same amount. You can't sell minutes, you can't give them away, you can't lose them. Only you can choose how you use your minutes. No one else can spend them for you or take them away from you.

Effective time management doesn't mean always being on time even though that is a quality we all aspire to and feel guilty about. Time management doesn't mean always doing what others think you should. You can do nothing at all and be managing your time.

This workshop will give you some effective guidelines on managing your time in the ways that will make you more efficient and effective at the same time accomplishing the things that are the most important to you.

Other Workshops

Lauretta also produces a number of one day workshops on storytelling, listening, time management, and writing.