Lauretta Phillips



"Lauretta is an amazing storyteller who always holds her audience in the grip of her charm. She is also a spectacular storytelling coach, mentor, and workshop leader. I learn more from Lauretta in one hour of her time than I have in many seminars and classroom situations. She is your go-to person, not only for her performing talents but her leadership and teaching abilities as well"   

Sue McPhee, MEd, M.A., Storyteller, Acress, Author


"Lauretta reaches people of all ages with her stories. We loved having her at our Mother/Daughter banquet. Her stories brought us to tears of laughter and touched our hearts."
Gayla, Mother of five


"Lauretta's stories sizzle with energy. A wicked sense of humor and keen insight are hallmarks of her storytelling."
Elizabeth Ellis, Circle of Excellence Award winning storyteller


"You 'guys' are so good! What relief to put aside the cares of the world and listen to you two carrying on!.....You're fantastic! Probably better than you know. Don't feel modest about carrying on at great lengths, before turning to recorded story-tellers. The more you two tell us, the better! Them other guys are OK, but you're out of this world! Thank you for a wonderful program!"

Regards, Gordon Humphrey WKXL AM & FM


"Your stories and the transition from one to the other in this program was seamless. The flow was excellent. The stories carried us to many different emotional places."

Wess Chauncy - Storyteller and Cheryl Sminard at the Corner House Inn.


"Last night you allowed your love for storytelling to shine through every word you said - yes I liked your story, but I really liked the way you told it - I believe you gave everyone there last night a true gift of yourself."

Ruth Niven

"Thank you so much for your book A Closer Walk.  It came at just the right time and touched me deeply right where I needed it.  I am re reading it for the 3rd time." Kelly - Miami, FL

"Your book A Closer Walk is wonderful.  I love the stories.  I want to see the places you talk about and sit in that garden.  It gave me much to think about while I make this journey...." Susan - Northfield, NH

"A Closer Walk - One Woman's Journey hit all the right notes.  Thank you for writing it and sharing your journey so freely."  Marian - York, UK

"I loved the book A Closer Walk and purchased Behold Come See Who He Is.  It is a fantastic book.  I have it on my nightstand and re read some of  it almost every night.  I can relate to those stories". Thala - Washington