Lauretta Phillips


A Few Stories That I Tell

The Coffee Pot at the Mini-Mart

A series of stories about the people who gather there to share stories and solve the worlds problems.

"There's a coffee pot down at the mini-mart and on Saturday mornings, outside, you'll find eight or ten pick-up trucks with old dogs communicatin' with each other and old barrels rolling around in the back. They're either on their way to, or have just come from, the dump. The guys and gals are all inside, standin' around the coffee pot, tellin' tales and solvin' the world's problems."

Klondike Kate - Queen of the Yukon

"I was named queen of the Yukon in Dawson during the gold rush days and that title has been mine ever since" says Kate. "I am not telling you how old I am but let's just say I am still young enough to be able to kick up over my head. I am getting ready to marry my 4th or should I say 5th husband. That nice little newspaper girl is on her way over here now to take the story down. … I have been engaged over 100 times and have the rings to prove it. Well, Actually I was engaged 107 times but my mom made me give the first 7 rings back."

So begins the saga of Katherine Eloise Rockwell. Kitty Rockwell who was and is still the one and only real QUEEN OF THE YUKON.


Mabel is the kind of woman who makes everybody feel good about themselves. If you asked the people down at the mini mart or the group where Mabel works to describe her, they would be hard put to come up with a definitive answer. She makes you feel so good about yourself you don't really think much about Mabel.


Dot is the owner and operator of Dot's Pretty Good Cafe. She is everyone's friend and confidant and really does solve some of the mysteries of life.


D. Marvin bought out Thompsons General store the other day. No one ever thought the Thompsons would ever sell. They just thought the family would go on running it and making their lives around it. When they heard that a person named D. Marvin had come into town and purchased Thompson's General Store they were stunned and curious both at the same time. What kind a feller would come up from the big city and do something like that, probably going to just use it as a tax write off or somethin'...

My Gal Sal 

My Gal Sal now has 12 stories to tell all about her and her fella Bill, the house they live in and the events of their lives together.

Sarah's Quilts - was a 10 minute story to tell, became a 10,000 word story in an Anthology and is now becoming a full length book. Lauretta still tells some of Sarah's stories. Lauretta will be performing one of Sarah's Quilt stories at the Hat Box Theater - Steeple Gate Mall, Concord NH  on February 23rd and 24th, 2019 in the program titled Women Who Move America with Lorna Czarnota of Buffalo, NY and Sue McPhee of Hillsborough, NH

Even Fly - Stories about the women who flew planes in WWII.

Peter and the Golden Ball -   About the problems of wishing and getting what you wish for.


Lauretta has about 300 stories that she tells on a regular basis.  She is always adding new ones and telling stories that fit the program and the times.