Lauretta Phillips


"My Gal Sal" and other famous women...

Lauretta Phillips - New Hampshire storyteller - headshotA collection of stories based on a folklore character, "Sal", from the Florida Cracker Jack Tales.

"My Gal Sal lives on Tough Street, the further you go down Tough Street, the tougher it gets. She lives in almost the last house. She lives in the white house painted green, the one with the two front doors on the back, you know the one..."

"Sal has a feller, his name is Bill, well actually his name isn't Bill, his name is Fred, she just calls him Bill for short. His name is really Fred Bumbledorff."

"Sal now has 12 stories to tell and you never know what she and her feller Bill is going to get up to next."

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Behold Come See Who He Is



It is easy to see Him in the early morning sunrise or in the singing of the mornings first birds.  It is easy to see Him in the little child who instinctively reaches out to help another.  It is easy to see Him in the ones you love.  But, where do yu find Him in the hospital waiting room or the doctor’s office?  What about the disagreement you had with your spouse or partner?  Where is he in the tears and heartbreak?  He is there.

The stories in this book show God in many everyday places.  He is on the horse ranch and in the grocery store.  He is in the living room and at the piano.  Come see who He is.

Books - A Closer Walk: One Woman's Journey  $12.00  + $3.00 Shipping 

                Behold, Come See Who He Is - Finding God in Everyday Places  $12.00 + $3.00 Shipping