Lauretta Phillips


A Closer Walk: One Woman's Journey

Book cover: A Closer Walk by Lauretta PhillipsGetting to know God has been a very personal journey for me. Sometimes it is difficult to share the faltering steps, and other times I can’t help but smile at God’s great sense of humor and the laughter and joy He has allowed me to share with others.

This journey has not been an easy one, but I would not trade it. The joy and fulfillment my life has held is more than I ever imagined.

I am still walking out this journey. I am getting closer to Him all the time. I am not finished with this walk. I am sure I will never be finished learning more about Him until the day I meet Him face to face. I do know I am growing from glory to glory.

It is my hope that somehow this path I have been on will touch your life with insight and wisdom as you continue on your own journey. I hope that you will reach out your hand to His and call Him Father and that one day you too will climb up on His lap, rest there, and lean on Him.


Who am I?
How do I learn more about God? How can I have a
closer relationship with God?
After all I have done,
how could God even want me?
I am not worthy, so why would He care? These are just a few of the questions that prompted the writing of A Closer Walk. Come with me as I share this journey from disaster in life to delight in the Lord. Climb aboard as I travel from one signpost to another that leads the way home and shout joyously with me, “Abba, Father!” Share the laughter and the tears that bring me onto His lap and into the safety of His arms. Climb up there with me, and enjoy the gift of being adopted into the family and heir to the kingdom.
Reach for the wisdom that comes with studying His Word, and
learn with me to love again.
Say with me, “Every day in every way I will walk closer with Him.”

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